Since its founding, CAB has created a platform for innovation in architecture and design through supporting commissions, research projects, publications, and exhibitions. This page highlights projects from current and past exhibition contributors and partners.

Pullman: Conscious Revitalization of the Overlooked

Announcing the CAB 5 Artistic Team

The Available City Publication

Architecture of Reparations: Interview with Riff Studio

Architecture of Reparations

Welcome to the 2021 Edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial: The Available City

The Available City Workshops

Essay: About The Available City

In Memory of Helmut Jahn

Soil Lab: A Collaboration with the Danish Arts Foundation

David Brown and The Available City

Anarchitectural Library (against the neoliberal erasure of Chicago’s common spaces)

Nourishing The Root: Transforming the Urban Ecologies of Chicago

The Cabbage Patch

Appearances and (Non)Erasures: Mapping Confederate Monuments and the Racial Conditionedness of Liberation

Palatal Geographies

A Love of the World: The Photography of the 2017 Chicago Architectural Biennial

Sustainable House