Shorts 9: Site-Specific (Architecture)

Reacting to architecture, manufactured public spaces, and psychogeographies, this program, ranging from abstract cinema to emotive documentary, unpacks the ways that the buildings, cities, and spaces where we live ultimately affect every facet of our lives.

A group of filmmakers is invited to search a cavern-esque treasure trove left by futurist Italian artist Giacomo Balla in Oslavia – The Cave of the Past Future (France/Italy). A surreal cloud of anxiety hovers over a city and its citizens in Strangers (Switzerland). A Broken House (U.S.) follows artist and architect Mohamad Hafez as he recreates—and attempts to understand—scenes from his native Syria to which he can no longer return. Relationships to personal history, geography, and familial lineage layer and merge in Golden Jubilee (U.S./India). Director Tsai Ming-Liang paints a nighttime scene with his camera of Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay in The Night (Taiwan).

Featuring works by Jimmy Goldblum, Bêka & Lemoine, Nora Longatti, Tsai Ming-Liang, and Suniel Sanzgiri.

Image courtesy of Chicago International Film Festival.