Buddy and Public Media Institute are proud to announce an afternoon of public programming: performance, screenings, and discussions, at the Chicago Cultural Center to culminate a yearlong excavation of BIPOC and QT+ histories and futures of the region now known as Chicago by five local artists and collectives. In Fall 2020, the artists embarked on a year of interdisciplinary research with librarians, historians, archivists, and scientists now culminating in a series of public performances using new technologies to engage history and place.


1PM: The Great Chicago Circle Procession Screening by Marina Resende Santos

Documentation of this participatory processional performance from September 26th, 2021

1:45PM: The Tenders: Liner Notes for Undressing Cover Songs Performance by ATOM-r (Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery) in collaboration with Abraham Avnisan and featuring Dr. Ann Keating

This 45 minute event will comprise songs, texts, augmented reality environments and a lecture by Dr. Ann Keating on Chicago’s indigenous prehistory.

3PM: The Wide-Ranging Importance of the First Nations Garden Multimedia Presentation by Josh Rios featuring audio narration from Adrien “AJ” Pochel (member of Chi-Nations Youth Council)

This 45-minute event will feature audio narration, images, sonic elements, and historical contextualization related to relocation, and the kinds of important practices that take place in and in relation to this important garden.

3:45PM: Welcome to Bucktown: A Year with Felicia Holman (2020-2021) Screening by Felicia Holman, produced in collaboration with Ife Olatunji of Freedomlover Films followed by a pre-recorded conversation between Felicia Holman & Chicago Historian Daniel Pogorzelski

A creative video document of Re:Place resident artist Felicia Holman's first year of her hyperlocal

2020-2022 Threewalls/ RaDLOW artist fellowship project, Welcome to Bucktown.